To enhance the quality of life in our communities by partnering with others as we create a resource for self-motivated, community-based volunteers for the purpose of connecting local efforts and organizations in need with those wishing to share their energy, time and special skills.

To bring a measure of compassion and respect to our vulnerable populations as we administer a volunteer ’safety net’ transportation program while addressing those unmet needs for which no other programs are adequate or available.

To embrace and expand the sense of community that creates the opportunity for everyone to live, work, visit, or retire with dignity.

The Volunteer Center of Calaveras County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, formed for the purpose of improving the quality of life for the citizens of Calaveras County. The Volunteer Center serves Calaveras County citizens and their families by connecting community based Volunteers with those in need of assistance.

We maintain a countywide VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES database via this web site for the purpose of connecting caring volunteers with opportunities to make a difference in their community. Please consider sharing your talents, skills and experiences.

Perhaps you or someone you know would like to give someone a ride to their doctor appointment, take someone to the post office or grocery store . . . maybe read the labels for them! Maybe you're up to changing a light bulb, or fixing a leaky faucet, tighten the screws in the front door so it closes, cut wood, clear weeds for fire defense, take someone to the Senior Center or to senior meals for an outing, make regular phone calls to check on a neighbor who is living alone, serve as a board member or as secretary or financial accountant, or . . .

The idea is to help our neighbors continue to reside safely in their own homes for as long as possible, and each do our part to prevent isolation. You will be forever grateful that you did! It's all about helping to identify issues, define solutions and make good decisions. It's all about quality of life. Its all about community.

Should you or anyone you know need assistance, or wish to become part of the volunteer "safety net," please SIGN UP TO BE A VOLUNTEER then read more on the VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES page. If you are in need of a volunteer, CLICK HERE to add your information to our database.


The Board of Directors is the group primarily responsible for the direction and activities of the Volunteer Center.

The Executive Director carries out the operations of the Center and directs the activities of other staff.

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The success or failure of all non-profit organizations, community events and grass-roots efforts is directly tied to the availability of volunteers. It's the connection between the volunteers and the opportunities that has been missing. To that end, the Volunteer Center connects motivated volunteers with those needing their time, energy and expertise. 

Melinda Williams, Personnel Liaison

Past President
Past Vice President
Mokelumne Hill, CA
April 1991

  • Volunteer Driver - The Volunteer Center
  • Calaveras Public Utilities District (32 years) - Retired
  • Reach for Recovery - Breast Cancer - Licensed “Fitter” for Breast Cancer Patients
  • Beard, Land & Investment Company, Member Board of Directors
  • Modesto Empire Traction Company (Railroad)
Fred Kuster, Board Member

Past President
Past Vice President Valley Springs, CA
April 1993

  • Volunteer Driver - The Volunteer Center
  • “Santa’s Express” - The Resource Connection
  • Elementary School Teacher (32 years) - Retired
  • Ombudsman (10 years)
  • California Teachers Association (42 years)
  • American Legion Post 102 (12 years), Chaplin (2 years)
  • U.S. Army, 90th Division, WWII, Germany & England
  • In-home Supportive Services Advisory Coummittee Member
Martha Mae "Marti" Crane, Board Member, Executive Director

Valley Springs, CA
February 2002

  • Volunteer Driver - The Volunteer Center
  • Escrow Officer - (20 years) - Retired
  • Senior Network of Calaveras County - Member
  • Valley Springs Youth and Family Center - Past Bd. President, Past Board Secretary, New Facility Acquisition & Development
  • Valley Springs Optimist Club, Event Coordinator, Club Secretary
  • Support of the Arts and Community:
    Friends of the Library - Annual Melodrama fundraiser
    Master Gardener Program - University of California Extension
    Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program - Annual Follies Fundraiser
    Community  / Youth Theater
    “Santa’s Express” - The Resource Connection
  • Red Cross Volunteer
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Volunteer
  • In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee
Joy C. Roberts, Office Assistant, Board Member

San Andreas, CA
December 2005

  • The Volunteer Center - Volunteer Driver, Financial/Data Entry Officer
  • Friends of the Calaveras County Library
  • “Santa’s Express” - The Resource Connection
  • Mark Twain Hospital Auxiliary
  • Calaveras Twirlers Square Dance Club, Secretary
  • New Directions for Women, Orange County (9 years)
  • Treasurer, Manzanita Writers Press
Judy McMurty, Office Assistant, Board Member

Mountain Ranch, CA
October 2012

  • Prior Owner: Calaveras County KCFA Radio Station 106.1 FM
  • Advocate & Support: ARC and Goldstrike Residence (2 years)
    (Supporting adults with learning disabilities.)
  • Volunteer Sheriff Department (2011 to present)
  • Public Access TV: Show Host & Program Anchor (1998 to present)
  • Resource Connection Food Bank (2010 to present)
  • Women's Jail Ministry (2011 to present)
  • Volunteer Driver - The Volunteer Center
Janice Bassett, Board Member

Valley Springs, CA
October 201

  • Valley Springs Youth and Family Center:
    Board member and secretary since 2011
    Executive Director - 5 years
  • Superior Court, Court Room Clerk, Santa Cruz, 19 years
  • SEIU, Field Organizer - 2 years
  • Wallace/Burson Association , member since 2012
  • Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program, former mentor
  • Poet and Ukelele player

Consider this:

“I am only one.  But still, I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something.

Because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”  

~ Meladee McCarty

Everyone has something to share and contribute, so please consider sharing your skills and enthusiasm. We are all unique and bring to the educational table, our own knowledge base, skills, lessons from life, and a desire to be useful and productive.

Our youth bring excitement, energy and bright new ideas to the ‘solution pool’. Our retired population is home to a wealth of education, skills and life experiences and is sorely needed if we are to guide our upcoming generations gently and safely into the future.

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The Volunteer Center of Calaveras County is a 501(c)3) non-profit operating for the specific purpose of improving the quality of life for the citizens of Calaveras County, without regard to race, creed, religion, or other areas of discrimination and was initially formed for the purpose of creating a pool of volunteers to act as a 'safety net' for our senior, low income, and residents with disabilities.

Because Calaveras County is a rural countryside with many isolated areas, connecting volunteers with volunteer opportunities requires a collaborative effort involving all our residents, organizations, service groups and religious communities.

Your Volunteer Center is here to assist in bringing those opportunities to your attention and to coordinate the ‘safety net’ program for our vulnerable, and many times invisible neighbors.

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The community came together in the early 1980s to address needs for which no other programs were adequate or available. In June of 1991, the Volunteer Center became a 501(c)3 to better address those needs. The challenges still exist today, and due to our population increases or economic circumstances, those needs continue to escalate.

Because of the ever growing requests for help, a new, larger facility is being built in San Andreas behind San Andreas Elementary School. The new campus has meeting rooms, a kitchen, and other features to better serve the community. Plans to expand include a community garden, amphitheater, and other possibilities that are yet to be imagined.

The majority of the calls are for assistance getting to doctor appointments, the post office and the grocery store (perhaps reading the labels if the client has a vision challenge). The balance of calls are for a variety of concerns such as:

  • "Where do I go for legal advice?"

  • "I'm 90 years old. The weeds are high and I'm afraid of the fire season. Where can I get help"

  • "I received a letter in the mail that frightens or concerns me. What should I do?"

  • "I'm lonely"

  • "The hinges on my front door are loose and keep it from closing"

  • "I am a caregiver and would like to help someone"

  • "The light bulb has burned out in the kitchen and it's too dark to go in there at night to get a drink"

  • "I want to volunteer somewhere."

  • "Please, I need someone to help me vacuum about once a month"

  • "How can I involve my children and teach them the value of community service?"

  • "I'm a retired business man/woman and would like to be useful. Perhaps there's a board that needs my skills?"

  • "I love my community and I know that someone, somewhere needs my help."

  • "I think I could be useful as the Secretary on a Board of Directors."